Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Hilotherapy aids recovery following a wide range of plastic and cosmetic procedures including non surgical procedures. The temperature-controlled therapy reduces pain, swelling and bruising following surgery or treatment. As the temperature is controlled (unlike with ice) there is no time limit on how long Hilotherapy can be used and many patients will use the treatment intensively following their procedure.

Hilotherapy has been effectively used by patients for:
Face lift
Brow lift
Breast augmentation
Facial feminisation
CO2 fractional laser
Dermal fillers

Both the HTP1 and Homecare devices can be rented on a weekly basis, making them ideal for use following cosmetic procedures. Please see our rental section or call us for more information. Click here for consultant and patient testimonials.

Research and Studies:
Evaluation of the efficacy of Hilotherapy for post-operative edema, ecchymosis and pain after rhinoplasty - Mr Deniz Hanci et al

Post-operative pain reduction: meta-analysis of Hilotherapy versus conventional facial cooling
- Dr Anthony Bates, Mr Greg Knepil