Orthopaedic Surgery - Pre and Post Surgery

Hilotherapy provides a natural way to reduce pain and swelling. Many patients experience extreme discomfort and restricted mobility whilst awaiting surgery and Hilotherm can be a very effective treatment for this with rentals available on a week by week basis. The treatment is also highly beneficial following a wide range of orthopaedic surgical procedures. The temperature-controlled treatment reduces swelling and provides a natural pain relief. Unlike ice, Hilotherapy can be applied continuously for prolonged periods of time without negative side effects.

Anatomically fitted cuffs are available to treat various parts of the body including:

Our devices are available to rent on a weekly basis. Please refer to our rental page, complete an online rental form or call us for more information. Click here for consultant and patient testimonials.

Research and Studies:
Observational study with cryotherapy Hilotherm (preliminary results) following orthopaedic surgery and rheumatic patients - Dr Peter Keysser