On April 15th 2014, I ruptured my achilles tendon competing in a T20 match for Northamptonshire County Cricket Club in Barbados. I was rushed home and underwent immediate surgery to repair the damage. The club Physiotherapist, Barry Goudriaan decided that the best option for my recovery was to install a Hilotherm ankle cuff underneath my cast so that I could have continuous cooling to my achilles. The cuff was fitted relatively easily and I was immediately plugged into the machine with the temperature set to 12ºC. After being discharged the following day, I set up my camp for the next 2 weeks in my living room. I had the Hilotherm on 24/7 for the initial few days and I cannot tell you how thankful I am that I had it. The initial pain after the operation was excruciating but as soon as the machine was turned on, I instantly had relief. This continued to the extent that after 5 days I stopped taking any of my prescribed pain killers and just used Hilotherapy as my pain relief. It really did work that well! The initial stages for me were all about controlling the pain and Hilotherapy certainly did that. Anyone who has been in a cast will know that it gets very hot and sweaty underneath! I was lucky that the Hilotherapy device negated any of this for me and I had complete control of the temperature, making my time on the sofa far more comfortable.
Alex Wakely, Northampton County Cricketer