I am currently carrying out 100 gynaecomastias a year and I am sure the Hilotherm has reduced the haematoma rate (mine is 3.3% and the published rate is 10%). There are other factors – the anaesthetic and the use of Evicel (thrombin and fibrinogen spray) but I think the Hilotherm may be the most important. I am also carrying out 50-60 breast augmentations a year. A third of the patients have had previous surgery and say things are much better with the Hilotherm. I also used Hilotherm with a tummy tuck patient recently with a round cuff applied loosely under her abdominal binder and she said it really helped, even asking for the cuff to be reapplied when it was taken away. All in all I remain Hilotherm's best fan.
Paul Levick MS FRCS (Ed) FRCS (Eng)
Consultant Plastic Surgeon