We have been using Hilotherapy masks for over two years at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. Some of the drive for introducing Hilotherapy masks was by our nursing staff on our head and neck ward who have found the machines easy to use, excellent patient compliance and an overall feeling that they do help to improve pain control and reduce post operative swelling.

Over a 12-month period we used 80 Hilotherapy masks for patients following maxillofacial surgery. We have recently carried out a retrospective patient satisfaction questionnaire, designed to answer specific questions regarding the use of Hilotherapy face masks, comfort, do they facilitate faster healing, pain control, degree of post operative swelling and recommendations of overall experience.

We used {Hilotherapy’s} patient satisfaction questionnaire using five point Likert rating scales. Analysis of the replies from patients who had used the masks showed that more than 80% of the samples strongly believe that the Hilotherapy face masks helped them heal quicker. 86% were very satisfied or satisfied with the overall experience of the mask and 61% were very satisfied with the overall experience of the mask.

As a group of surgeons, we have found them very effective in reducing pain in our osteotomy patients and subjectively also seem to reduce the degree of postoperative swelling. I would have no hesitation in recommending the use of Hilotherapy in the management of post-operative pain and swelling following orthognathic surgery.
Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon